Minggu, 11 April 2010

The NTUST Indonesian Student Association welcomes you to indulge in the flavors of uniqueness culture of Indonesia in Indonesian Culture Exhibition (ICE) 2010, which will be taking place on March 11th, 2010 to March 12th, 2010 at the First Floor of NTUST International Building, Taiwan.

By seizing this year’s theme, “The Hidden Treasure of Indonesia” Indonesian Culture Exhibition (ICE) 2010 will allow you to reveal wonderful Indonesia through spectacular Indonesian traditional dances, extensive exhibit of arts and traditional games, exotic site introduction, and delightful Indonesian Food.

Indonesian Culture Exhibition (ICE) 2010 will also lead you to find the most hidden treasure of Indonesia in the special zone Komodo Island as the New7Wonders of the World. Here, you will not only get the insightful info about Komodo Island but you can also give your contribution by voting Komodo Island as the New7Wonders of the world.

Cherish yourself to be involved actively by trying traditional games offered and three kinds of those traditional games such as bakiak games, puzzle of Indonesia archipelago and games 17-Agustusan (Indonesian celebration games) will be competed in the second day.

Do not miss an outstanding performance of Indonesian students who will be performing drama, custom built form Java, traditional dancing, and live music of Indonesian traditional songs which represent Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi and Papua on the last day event which are noteworthy to see.

So, what are you waiting for? Come rejoice yourself on Indonesian Culture Exhibition (ICE) 2010 and reveal the hidden treasure of Indonesia.( taken from http://www.indonesia.travel/en/news/view/122/taiwan-ice-2010-komodo-island-is-the-most-hidden-treasure-of-indonesia).

That's kind of thing that's done by the Indonesian embassy in overseas. From my experience, once i was in Malaysia the embassy did a small exhibition at a strategic area there. They invited some people from Indonesia to do their usual job, for example make "batik", explained about tour package, etc. It's not a big exhibition and honestly, it's not so interesting. People who passed that way, just saw it from far away, although they prepared a small gift for the guest, but not so many people came to see.

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