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Jakarta Quiz from GPSmyCity.com

Would you like to know Jakarta better, and win awesome prizes?

Win three city walk iPhone applications to cities of your choice, courtesy of GPSmyCity.com. Correctly answer all ten questions about Jakarta below and e-mail them to quiz@gpsmycity.com for your chance to win. It's that simple. Good luck!

Quiz Questions

Jakarta Fun Facts Quiz

1. Along the years, Jakarta was known under several names. Which one of these was never used?
A. Batavia
B. Sunda Kelapa
C. Djayakarta

2. When did Jakarta gain its independence from Dutch India Company?
A. 1945
B. 1949
C. 1954

3. Which one of the countries below have an official land boundary with Indonesia?
A. Malaysia
B. Philippines
C. Singapore

4. Indonesia is he biggest ___ country in the world.
A. Muslim
B. Chocolate Producing
C. Peninsular

5. There are four major languages spoken in Jakarta, due to its reputation of a global city. Which one of the following cannot be included in the big 4 group?
A. English
B. Sudanese
C. Chinese

6. What is the tag line for Jakarta, largest city of the island of Java?
A. Victorious and Great
B. Victory and Commonwealth
C. Great and Strong

7. Java is almost entirely of volcanic origin. How many mountains does it contain?
A. 28
B. 38
C. 48

8. Which one of the following traditional dishes is widely considered to be Indonesia's national dish?
A. Gado-gado
B. Nasi Goreng
C. Soto

9. Sister relationships of Jakarta with towns worldwide do not include:
A. Paris in France
B. Johannesburg in South Africa
C. Berlin in Germany

10. Which one of the famous people below was not born in Jakarta?
A. Agnes Monica
B. Margaret Wang
C. Affandi

Good Luck Guys and remember to send your answers to quiz@gpsmycity.com

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